The face behind Olá Moita!

My passion is conceiving and organizing inspiring holiday workshops combined with fun trips and good food in beautiful surroundings. A unique experience with a mix of simplicity and allure in the green heart of Portugal where the authentic character is still preserved. This will introduce you to the Portuguese way of life. The day-trips are in cooperation with the local people and make the workshop more intense. I like to leave the beaten track and get inspired by a tip from a Portuguese local who knows a hidden spot that makes the trip more special. Small scale, customization, relaxation and personal contact are the core values of the workshops. My focus is on innovation, authenticity and diversity.

Curriculum Vitae (PT)

About Patricia

My Portuguese story begins in the summer of 1986. We went to Portugal by motorcycle for the very first time. Just riding through the country with no plan, no goal. The road network back then consisted mostly of "cobblestones" so it was tough riding. We often came across hidden places and the contact with the locals made the trip special!

In 2011 we bought a slate house in Moita da Serra, a rustic village located in the foothills of the Serra do Açor, in the district of Coimbra in the historic region of Beiras. In this region you will find forests, rivers with waterfalls, river beaches, a mountainous landscape with picturesque villages, historical places and beautiful sandy beaches

Since May 1, 2021, we have moved here permanently. It is perfect for motorcycling here on the many winding roads and deserted mountain ridges where breathtaking landscapes surprise you at every turn.

Portugal is a relaxed country and has the most hours of sunshine in Europe. We feel at home here. Through contact with the Portuguese, we get to know not only the language but also the culture. We love the spontaneity in social life, which takes place mostly outdoors.

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