About Olá Moita

Olá Moita organizes seven-day inspirational summer holiday workshops combined with fun trips, good food in beautiful surroundings and an exclusive stay at the rustic campsite Quinta do Tapadinho, in the old village of Vila Nova de Oliveirinha. A unique experience with a mix of simplicity and allure in central Portugal, where the authentic character is well preserved. The trips are in collaboration with local people and make the workshop more intense. Relaxation, small scale, customization and personal contact are the core values of the workshops.

About the mood during the workshop

The inspiring and soothing environment of nature creates a relaxed and casual atmosphere conducive to the creativity of participants during the workshop. Hospitality and quality are our top priorities.

About the region

The region of Coimbra is located in the historic region of Beiras in central Portugal. It is the destination where you can still find unspoiled nature and the Portuguese way of life. Our region has not yet been discovered by the masses and is therefore suitable for getting to know the true Portugal. The charm of this region is felt everywhere, in the coastal and river beaches, the authentic slate villages, the waterfalls, the mountains of the Serra do Açor and Serra da Estrela, the wine regions and the historic cities, such as Coimbra, the oldest university town in Europe. Welcome to our region!

The authentic countryside village

The authentic village of Vila Nova de Oliveirinha is located between Tábua and Oliveira do Hospital in the Dão wine region in central Portugal, just an hour's drive from the Serra da Estrela Natural Park. Through the area runs the river 'Rio Mondego' with its many beautiful river beaches called 'Praia fluviais'. The rural, peaceful environment with wide views, forests, mountains and villages that still evoke a real Portuguese atmosphere, make you feel as if you have gone back in time. The village has a rich history and has existed for over 500 years. Life is relaxed and calm. The village counts about 250 inhabitants and has a pharmacy, post office, small store, an authentic bar and a restaurant. The villagers are very cordial and enjoy making contact. Since they only speak Portuguese, it is fun to practice the language with the phrases and words we included in the Olá Moita travel guide. This comes in handy when you want to have a chat or order something at the local bar.


  • Do you also organize customized workshops for private groups?
    Yes, the workshop can be organized in private with friends, family or colleagues on another date to be agreed upon by preference. Feel free to call or email us for the possibilities.
  • I have specific dietary needs, do you take them into consideration?
    Yes. All meals are prepared with fresh seasonal products. If you have dietary requirements, please let us know by indicating it on the registration form.
  • Is there Wi-Fi available?
    Yes, we offer free Wi-Fi at the campsite.
  • Are towels, bath towels and linens provided?
    Yes, pool towels, a towel set and bedding are provided in your tent.
  • How many participants are there during the workshop?
    We set the maximum number of participants at 8. Small scale and personal attention are the core values of the workshop. Thus, we create sufficient space and tranquility.
  • Can I also reach the village of Vila Nova de Oliveirinha by public transportation?
    Yes, feel free to call or email us for options. If you want, we can also assist you in this.
  • Can I bring my dog or cat?
    Unfortunately, no. Because we are a nature campsite, the birds and small animals that live there must be able to reside there undisturbed.
  • Can I come a few days early or stay longer?
    Yes, this is certainly possible. Please feel free to contact us for the possibilities.
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